Do you struggle to Attract Ideal Clients?

There are 5 Reasons why you don't attract your ideal clients fast

Here's How To Fix It

Meryem Arpaci - 5 Reasons You Don't Attract Clients Fast Free Guide

Perhaps you're wondering what are the 5 reasons you don't attract clients fast and you want to fix it?

Perhaps it was the bright pink cover that grabbed your attention?

Did the idea of uncovering what mistakes you are making with your personal brand as a coach right now pique your attention?

Maybe it's none of the above.

Whatever the case the book made an impression on you and now you are reading these words.

What this demonstrates is the power of magnetic branding and that's what this book is all about - owning an attractive perception in the marketplace so people are compelled to take action.

"You no longer have to be a Best Kept Secret


Natalia says 
"I love this guide!"

Thank you Meryem for showing me exactly what I can do to attract clients who my program.  

Mark says
 "A high value guide for sure!"

This is a great guide. Honest, helpful and direct to fixing the problem.

Ana says
 "I love your guide, thank you"

 Following this method has saved me thousands and years building my authority and brand. Thank You Meryem! 
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About The Author 

Meryem Arpaci 

Meryem Arpaci helps guide her clients to become magnetic, trusted and respected authorities so they attract their ideal clients faster without wasting years being unseen, undervalued and remaining as a best kept secret.

“It’s all about being seen, known, respected and trusted,” says Meryem.

“People want to know exactly who they are doing business with, and those that emulate their values are going to be the ones they gravitate towards.”

Deploying a fresh approach, Meryem is passionate about sharing her knowledge so businesses and individuals can master the art and science of personal branding and authority acceleration saving them years of being lost in their saturated market.

Meryem Arpaci, Personal Brand Experts , Influencive Magazine

 “Their success is my success,” says Meryem. “And the best way to be successful is simply by keeping it real and showcasing who they really are, supported by the authority accelerating structure they need.” This is exactly what Meryem Arpaci provides her thriving clients.


Meryem Arpaci, Personal Brand Experts , Gal Guardian
Meryem Arpaci, personal brand expert


Meryem Arpaci
Meryem Arpaci
Meryem Arpaci
Meryem Arpaci

Meryem Arpaci has helped thousands of clients unleash their brand success.
 Today she helps people just like you get magnetic personal branding, magnetic messaging and authority acceleration whilst being authentic so you attract your ideal clients fast

We Turn Best Kept Secrets Into Magnetic Authorities In their Industry without expensive PR
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